Finding Happiness

“Happiness lies not in finding what is missing, but in finding what is present.” ~Tara Brach~ The floor is cluttered with baby things – a package of diapers and a half-drunk bottle of water that was parked by the door when you entered, a hungry baby in your arms, voicing her disapproval of outings. A…

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Packing the Diaper Bag

First time you’re venturing out with your baby? That can be a little scary. What if your little one gets hungry or fussy or has one of those major blowouts that leaks everywhere? No matter how hard we try, it’s good to remember, even the very best moms can’t anticipate everything. The good news is,…

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You’re Not Alone

“We’re all just walking each other home.” ~Ram Das While visiting a friend today we sit, sipping coffee, her little ones weaving through a sea of toys strewn across her colorful rug. She speaks of how she used to be able to manage life in an orderly fashion. Her eyes look tired – the beautiful,…

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The Job Of Mothering

As a new mother you’ll be asked, “What did you do today?” While you’re stumbling for the words in your lack-of-sleep fog, let me step in with a few suggestions… Did you wake before you were ready, dragging your sleepy self to the side of the crib where you smiled when your little one’s eyes…

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How To Calm A Crying Baby

crying baby tips

There’s no doubt about it, motherhood provides moments of pure joy. It can also be exhausting, monotonous and stressful. Add the lack of sleep, fluctuating hormones and the massive changes – said to cause stress even if it involves something we wanted – and this perfect storm requires some coping mechanisms. It’s the end of…

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Small Moments, Big Memories

childhood memories

As parents, we often think the big events will be the most memorable. The trip to Disneyland. The surprise puppy under the Christmas tree. The over-the-top birthday celebration. We build them up in our minds, convinced they’ll make a lasting memory. Today I pulled out my Daily Calendar Book from 1997, where for each day…

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