First time you’re venturing out with your baby? That can be a little scary. What if your little one gets hungry or fussy or has one of those major blowouts that leaks everywhere?

No matter how hard we try, it’s good to remember, even the very best moms can’t anticipate everything. The good news is, this is also true: All seasoned moms have been there and most will be sympathetic when they see you trying to balance baby, diaper bag and coffee cup as you make your way out the door. Actually, people don’t really notice what’s going on around them as much as we think and learning to let go of doing things perfectly will be a useful skill in the years to come.

All that said, it’s nice to be prepared, so here are a few tips for packing your diaper bag like a pro.

Here's where we start.

Let’s think of our daily routine and walk through all that’s involved during the time we’ll be away from home. Mostly we’re changing, feeding and playing, right? So let’s start there...


  • Diapers. How many do you normally go through? Then add 1-2 more.
  • Wipes. Bring plenty since they’re also good for washing hands and wiping off surfaces.
  • Ointments. Do you use a diaper cream? Need hand lotion for your dry hands? Chapstick for your lips?
  • Changing pads. Disposable liners are useful and convenient on public changing tables.
  • Plastic bags. Perfect for wrapping up dirty diapers or soiled clothes.
  • Extra clothes. Bring at least two complete outfits. Don’t forget the socks to keep those tiny toes warm.


  • Breastfeeding. Wear clothing that’s easily accessible.
  • Breast pads. If you tend to leak, add an extra supply and an extra t-shirt for yourself.
  • Cover up. If you like privacy, throw in a blanket or cover up.
  • Burp cloth. Needed for breast or bottle feeding babies. Bring a couple.
  • Bottle feeding. Number of feedings you anticipate? Add supplies for one more, just in case.
  • Bottles. Be sure you have all the parts, including caps to keep the nipple clean.
  • Milk/formula. Breast milk or liquid or powdered formula and water.


  • Sun protection. Don’t forget the sun screen and a sun hat for an outside outing. Pacifier. You’ll enjoy yourself much more with a happy baby.
  • Baby toy or rattle. Restock frequently with their new favorite.
  • Snacks and a water bottle. Mamas get hungry too.
  • Blanket. An extra blanket is always good for added warmth or a soft surface under a tree at nap time.

Bag into the car, baby in the car seat. You and your sweet one are off on an adventure. Be proud of yourself for making it out of the house, diaper bag packed, clean diaper in place, baby with a full belly.

It’s a lot to coordinate, but you’re on your way!

I’d love to hear about a favorite item you never leave home without.

- Amy

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