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There’s no doubt about it, motherhood provides moments of pure joy. It can also be exhausting, monotonous and stressful. Add the lack of sleep, fluctuating hormones and the massive changes - said to cause stress even if it involves something we wanted - and this perfect storm requires some coping mechanisms.

It’s the end of another long day.

It feels like you’ve fed your baby a million times, changed a hundred diapers and walked a thousand steps with a little one in your arms. You’ve washed a basket of tiny clothes and loaded a huge pile of dishes into the dishwasher. You’re ready to put this sweet, demanding bundle into the arms of someone who can take over the gentle bouncing and swaying, with a voice who can shush and soothe, who wears a smile that says, “I’ve got this. You go rest.”

And then, the call. “Honey, I’ll be a little late.”

Your little one starts to cry and you cry right along with him.

Motherhood is hard. I wish I could hold your little one and send you off to take a warm bath, but since I can’t, here are a few things you might try.

  • 1 If you need to, put your baby in a safe place and splash some cool water on your face. Take some deep breaths and a few minutes for yourself. Babies cry because it’s the only way they have to communicate. Try not to take it personally. They might be telling us they’re hungry, tired, over stimulated, bored or uncomfortable. Sometimes we just can’t figure it out. We long to help them, but sometimes we need to help ourselves first. Remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can.
  • 2 Movement and sound remind your baby of the comfort of the womb. Try holding your baby high on your chest so he can nuzzle into your neck while you make shushing sounds close to his ear. Try moving him lower, his ear close to your heart, so he can listen to your heartbeat. Make a cozy enclosure, with relaxed arms, so he feels secure and then put a little bounce in your step to emulate the gentle sway of swishing in a watery womb.
  • 3 A breath of fresh air and change of scenery might help. Go for a walk, step out the back door or open a window. Using a soothing voice, talk about the sounds of the city, the chirping birds, or the quiet of the night. Watch the leaves blowing in the breeze, cars going by or a sky full of stars. Get lost in the sights and sounds and maybe your little one will join you there.

Every baby cries. Every mother feels helpless. Every step of the way, we’re learning how to be a mother.

Let me know in the comments what ways you’ve found to calm your little one.

- Amy

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Hi there, I’m Amy Canby. Motherhood has been my greatest joy and my hardest job. I’d love to help you navigate your parenting journey with what I’ve learned along the way. Learn more about my infant care services >


  1. Jennifer Plum on March 17, 2019 at 4:54 pm

    Amy is amazing. Your child is in fabulous hands.

    • Amy Canby on March 18, 2019 at 12:16 am

      Thank you Jennifer!💞

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